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High School


Central Area

Grandview Heights High School and Upper Arlington High School

Andy Diamond -

Columbus City Area

Beechcroft High School, Bexley High School, Centennial High School, Linden-McKinley High School, Mifflin High School, Northland High School, West High School, Whetstone High School, and Whitehall High School

Allie Manning​ -

Phone: 419-409-0100

Delaware County

Buckeye Valley High School, Delaware Hayes High School, Olentangy High School, Olentangy Berlin High School, Olentangy Liberty High School, and Olentangy Orange High School

Grady Dalzell​ -

Phone: 740-963-3121

Darby Creek

Fairbanks High School, Jonathan Alder High School, and Marysville High School

Sam Meyung​ -

Phone: 740-417-6745

East Area

Gahanna Lincoln High School, Licking Heights High School, New Albany High School, and Watkins Memorial High School

Blake Hoskins​ -

Phone: 614-300-0755

Northeast Area

Big Walnut High School, Westerville Central High School, Westerville North High School, and Westerville South High School

Ryan Irwin​ -

Northwest Area

Dublin Coffman High School, Dublin Jerome High School, Dublin Scioto High School, Thomas Worthington High School, and Worthington Kilbourne High School

Ben Allen -

Phone: 502-648-1441

Southeast Area

Canal Winchester High School, Groveport Madison High School, Pickerington High School Central, and Pickerington High School North

Chris Motz​ -

Phone: 615-593-9407

Southwest Area

Central Crossing High School, Franklin Heights High School, Hilliard Bradley High School, Hilliard Darby High School, Hilliard Davidson High School, and Westland High School

Alyssa Forrest​ -

Middle School


Big Walnut Wyldlife

Big Walnut Middle School

Claire Chilcoat​ -

Phone: 614-582-2468

Columbus City Wyldlife

Bexley Middle School and Woodward Park Middle School

Allie Manning​ -

Phone: 419-409-0100

Dublin Wyldlife

Grizzell Middle School

Katie Schaublin -

Phone: 502-648-1441

Grandview Wyldlife

Edison Intermediate & Larson Middle School (EILMS)

Andy Diamond​ -

Hilliard Wyldlife

Heritage Middle School, Memorial Middle School, and Weaver Middle School

Alyssa Forrest​ -

New Albany Wyldlife

New Albany Middle School

Blake Hoskins​ -

Phone: 614-300-0755

Olentangy Wyldlife

Hyatts Middle School, Liberty Middle School, Orange Middle School, and Shanahan Middle School

Grady Dalzell​ -

Phone: 614-582-7027

Upper Arlington Wyldlife

Hastings Middle School and Jones Middle School

Andy Diamond​ -

Westerville Wyldlife

Blendon Middle School, Genoa Middle School, Heritage Middle School, and Walnut Springs Middle School

Ryan Irwin​ -

Worthington Wyldlife

McCord Middle School

Katie Schaublin​ -

Phone: 502-648-1441

Special Needs


Central Columbus Capernaum (Upper Arlington and Grandview)

Andy Diamond​ -

Darby Creek Capernaum (Fairbanks, Jonathan Alder, and Marysville)

Sam Meyung​ -

Phone: 740-417-6745

Northwest Capernaum (Dublin and Worthington)

Danny Meyung​ -

Phone: 740-602-0475

Olentangy Capernaum

Grady Dalzell​ -

Phone: 740-963-3121


Young Life College

The Ohio State University

Derek Walne​ -

Phone: 614-233-1810

Capital University

Torie Cochran​ -

Otterbein University

Ryan Irwin​ -

Teen Moms



Alexis Ledezma​ -

Phone: 614-648-0809

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